Welcome on our site

To our greatest regret, we stopped with the gloryhole. Plans are in the make to start a new gloryhole, somewhere in the area of Kortrijk. We still have our object of use (available as human urinal or deepthroat gag) – available on the move, available for groups.

Every decent university in the USA and the UK has at least one gloryhole. But Belgium doesn’t have one specially for students. Or maybe better: “didn’t have one”.

After one of us encountered this during an Erasmus-experience and another one during a congress visit in the UK, we decided that the time was right to erect the first ever gloryhole in Ghent. We are the first university-city in Belgium with a gloryhole specifically for students.

What will it cost me?

We ourselves are students, so we know that the life of a student is not very cheap. Most students already barely have any money left at the end of the month and are scraping by to buy food or go out. So our service is completely FREE!!!

Who are “we”?

As we already mentioned, two of us went abroad and have had some fantastic experiences with gloryholes. These 2 are now the organizers. When you contact us, you will get in contact with one of these 2 guys. They will provide you information and arrange an appointment with you. Because you get in contact with them and not with our little sluts, your anonimity (and that of our sluts) is guaranteed.

Then we have our little sluts!

Besides our two organizers we have 3 sluts (at the moment), one guy, two girls. So every guy will have his choice, whether you are gay, straight, or bi. All our sluts are students in Ghent themselves, and their ages range from 20 to 24. So when you arrange an appointment make clear whether you have a preference and, if so, what preference.

Who are serviced by us?

Our target audience is students. We’ve heard that this is more than welcome during exams. During the exams students become frustrated because of all the stress and the books. Their social life is temporarily on hold, the Overpoort is almost dead. Yes, you can use Tinder, but that will consume precious time. We offer a simple service. You contact us, we arrange an appointment. No muss, no fuss!

But during the academic year you can contact us too. Because during the academic year, students want some relief [as well]. The Overpoort is a place to find a blowjob. But not every guy is as good with words and at flirting to arrange a thing like that, besides that, flirting and buying drinks costs money. So our service is easier: much cheaper and less time consuming.

I am not a student, do you check this?

Not really! We primarily focus on students, but we are not going to check this. Everybody is welcome. We always ask if you are student or not, but this is to see whether we are reaching our target audience. We hope you are honest, but we will never refuse anybody. When we ask some information, this is just for our statistics, to see if we have to revise our method of promoting.

Did we reach your interest? Then check our contact-page.