The Gloryhole

Gentse Feesten 2022 – Revival

To our regret, we were forced to stop with the gloryhole. But on the other hand, there is some good news. During the ‘Gentse Feesten’, we will organize a unique revival. During this revival, our female sluts and male slut will be available. So, it’s your choice if you want a male or female.

The communication concerning reservations will happen in a timely manner. No exceptions will be made!

If everything goes wel, then we will look into possibilities to organize a revival on more occasions, following the same rules.

Priority rules

Because demand is much bigger than supply, we are forced to use priority rules..

Category 1

The category with highest priority are our faithful visitors. “Known” visitors, as well from the past as present, are sure to have a spot. This to thank them for all the support in the previous years. You can always inform if you belong to this category. We include users of the gloryhole in the past and users of our object of use. Important to know, if you contact us, do this in the way you’ve done before. This way we can be certain that you are a “known” visitor.

As mentioned, these guys will get a spot if they want (if needed, we will do “overtime”, or add extra days)..

Categorie 2

At the end of last year, we started a waiting list, because we still hoped to restart the gloryhole. Guys on this list will get some priority. But, you need to contact us yourself. Because we are pretty sure there won’t be enough available supply for all these guys, we will follow the rule “First come, first served”!

If you want, you can upgrade to Category 1. This by using our object of use. This way, you become a “known” visitor.

Categorie 3

We are afraid there won’t be enough supply to serve new guys, but we do what we can. Guys who haven’t used our services and not present on the waiting list, belong to this category. In this category, nobody is sure to have the possibility to get an appointment, due to the limited availability. If there should be one or more slots available on a certain day, this will be communicated the day itself. If cancellations occur, then these will be communicated the day itself, as soon as possible. We also follow the rule: First come, first served.

Knowing that in Category 1 and 2 combined, we have more than 500 guys, it becomes clear that it is very unlikely guys in this category will be able to make an appointment. But… you can upgrade to Category 1, where you are guaranteed to get an appointment, and be able to cut in line (compared to Category 2). This can be done by using our object of use. This way, you become a “known” visitor.