The object of use

Time for justice

Available on the move, available for groups.

What is the object of use?

The object of use is a no-good at our disposal. Ready to be used by real men. The object of use doesn’t do this for its pleasure, but all voluntarily.

Why this object of use?

The person behind the object has some serious stuff on his slate. Before it was an object, but when it was still a person, he was a real womanizer, a real player. But the problem was that he couldn’t take “No” for an answer. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself and more than once he crossed a line.

2 years ago, a befriended mistress told us about her new slave. This pathetic slave turned out to be the guy who had no respect for women. We told our entire story to her. After this, she gave us permission to use this pathetic no-good in loan.

Is this guy straight?

Yes. Before he arrived at our disposal, he never had done anything with a guy. First, we have placed him behind the gloryhole, but then we decided he would be better off being an object of use. He has done to many wrong things in the past and must now face the consequences. You can use the object as a urinal or as a toy to deepthroat without any mercy.

Why is he doing this?

He has submitted himself to his mistress. He can stop anytime he want, but there are some reasons why he chooses to continue as our object of use. It is all voluntarily, but not for his pleasure.

Let justice win!

Do you want to take out your frustrations by mercilessly deepthroat someone? Knowing that there will be tears and gag-sounds? You want to use this no-good, this bastard, as a urinal? You can get the opportunity to let yourself go and give someone his deserved punishment. Don’t hesitate and contact us.