Gloryhole Student

Human Urinal

Because the current measure concerning corona are becoming hard for our female sluts, they are less active. But this doesn’t prevent us to keep being creative and progressive.

We borrow our male slut from a friended mistress. In his agreement with her is stated that he is just a utility object. When we knew about this clause, we couldn’t let that go. After several talks we decided to make this male slut into a human urinal.

In our opinion, this project is not sexual, in contrast to the gloryhole. It is just about using a urinal. Pure humiliation of the urinal, a real kick of power for the user.

The urinal is placed on the ground, knees to the chest, a funnel attached to its head, running all the way into its mouth. The urinal is blindfolded and hooded. This because the urinal has no affair who is using it, and isn’t allowed to see the user. You, as user, can empty your bladder into the urinal and enjoy the sound of the urinal having no choice but willy-nilly has to swallow all your piss, until the last drop.

As soon as the measures allow us to party again, you can borrow our urinal for your personal party. We will make concrete arrangements about what is allowed and what is not allowed. In the end, it is our property which you borrow, so we want to keep it in good state.

But please, don’t hesitate to contact us to come and test or use our urinal at our place. We would love that! Just send us a mail to , add us on Snapchat or send a message on WhatsApp. After a short conversation where we discuss the essential parts and agree on a moment for you to come, we will send you all the details. Then, you are welcome to use our urinal with all privacy and discretion. Welcome on your own, or with a friend. As long as you respect the corona measures!